Feedback from London, July 2019

‘Surprisingly after two days of listening to one person speak, I’d do it all again tomorrow! Endlessly insightful!’
Nikki Williams, Screenwriter


'What a fabulous weekend, such a fun-packed, practical-theory-dense 2 days of teaching, well, how spoilt we were! Thank you all so much.'
Anita Reid, Screenwriter


'Thanks and thanks for a great weekend. It was worth coming from Stockholm!'
Anders Ström, Screenwriter


‘John is a fantastic speaker full of useful and practical hints. It gives you a real impetuous to write better and is a huge help for screenwriters.’
Nicola Kelly, Screenwriter

'It de-mistified everything and it feels like I’ve been given a box of magic tools. John crammed an enormous amount in two days. Now that I know how the multi-protagonist journey works, I can make a script that was dead on its arse, magnificent! The ultimate toolkit for screenwriters. John is the sultan of structure. It turned the light on.'
Lynda Kennedy. Screenwriter


‘The class was practical and fascinating. Recently I moved an event in my TV drama to the end of episode 3 and questioned if it was the right decision. Now I know not only is it the right place, it’s the ONLY place for it. John is engaging, fun and so full of enthusiasm. The info he gives you is not only palatable but down right tasty!’
Lucy Linger

‘Great content and presentation, with lots of clips. John is well-prepared, insightful, thought-provoking.’
Catherine Veitch— Children’s writer

‘John breaks things down in a very simple way, even with complex subjects.’
Charlie Heath, Screenwriter

‘One of the most useful and enjoyable courses I’ve been on. It has given me the clarity, knowledge, and confidence to use narrative structure to write better stories. An amazing class full of wisdom and insight.’
Varsha Shah, Screenwriter

‘I loved how the course was structured. Despite all his success, John has a lovely humility and manner about him.’
Kristy Macneillie, Screenwriter

‘There’s no one who does structure better than John Yorke!’
Iris May, Screenwriter

‘A brilliant combination of clips and exercises. The breakdown of the West Wing and how the stories are thematically linked was eye-opening. The book is brilliant, the course is a revelation. The combination is priceless.’
Simon Wright, Actor

‘Getting us to do exercises really helped solidify it in our minds.’
Nikki Williams, Screenwriter

‘John is the most rigorous TV structure theorist/teacher I know of’
Camilla Greene, TV Screenwriter

‘Really clear and incredibly informative. It blew my mind— learnt so much and gave me a lot of clarity on things that have been troubling me for years. John makes seemingly complex concepts incredibly clear and understandable.’
Miranda Holms, Screenwriter

‘Fantastic! John is approachable and provides a calm learning environment.’
Josephine Samson, Screenwriter


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‘John knows his stuff – and in an informal but structured way, he gets to the meat of how to fashion a script – Great!’
Shelagh McLeod, Writer & Director


‘John’s class has focused me on the pilot episode I’ve written and given me the confidence to continue. John is a very clever, yet self depreciating, excellent teacher.’
Kit Berry, Author


‘The exercises really help cement the information and REALLY learn, not just listen.’
Andy Sowerby, Filmmaker


‘There was life before John Yorke’s workshop and life after John Yorke’s workshop.  My biggest take away from John – If you’re stuck, fix the f**king mid-point!’
May Gavini, Filmmaker


‘John Yorke’s structure advice enriches creativity, giving it freedom instead of restraint.’
Sandrine Esteban, Writer

‘At the end of the weekend, I was able to put together a coherently structured episode of ER; something I would have considered totally beyond my reach before – and in less than an hour!’

Abbie Heath, Writer


‘This is the best writing course I’ve ever attended, and I’ve attended a few!’.

Mark Tilton, Writer & Teacher

‘This class has started a fire in my belly for going home, sitting down and working on my stories.’
Jilly Gardiner, Writer


‘Go ‘Into the Woods’ with John, you will come out the other side transformed as a writer and with new skills to continue your journey as an even better writer.’
Tanya, Writer


‘John is informative and clear, he gives you the confidence to start writing as soon as you finish the class.’
Foad Shah, VFX Artist

‘John Yorke is inspiring, entertaining and endlessly knowledgeable.’
Carmen Radtke, Writer


‘John’s theory is a revelation!  I now feel equipped to think about a multi-episode story using the same tools as used when structuring a single episode. Listening to John dissect structure was at once inspiring, enlightening and humbling. A genuine maestro, and a nice guy to boot!’

Rhys Lewis, Writer & Filmmaker


‘The fun of this workshop is collaborating with other writers on the exercises. The perfect antidote to writing alone in the attic!’.
Penny MacLeod, Writer & Playwright


‘John’s book is a bible for screenwriters but having it all explained in person with relevant examples just takes the learning experience into a whole different level.’
Samantha Pentin, Writer


‘John delivers solid gold content with a broad grin and a twinkle in his eye. 5 star recommend!’

Sean Kelly, Writer & Producer


‘John radiates expertise, good humour and support – very inspiring.’
Laura Graham, Aspiring Writer


‘I learned much more from hearing John in these two days than I learned from reading a pile of books on screenwriting.  John has a deep knowledge and understanding of the narrative structures and storytelling – and he’s incredibly able to transmit ALL that.’
Marzio Valdambrini, Writer


‘I feel like Neo in ‘The Matrix’ – everything has become clear!’

Jo Raggett, Screenwriter


‘John’s class is useful and simultaneously painful!  I learnt the big mistake I made in my first film. Good news – as a result of John Yorke, I wont do that again!’

Guy Brasher, Writer & Director


‘Learning the tent pole theory has allowed me to drastically improve the foundation of a story I have been seeking to reinforce.’

Seb Wolfe, Writer & Filmmaker


‘The networking opportunities are worth the price of admission alone. Writing in collaboration took me out of my writing comfort zone but is a great primer for writing in the television sector.’

Ian Allwyn, Writer


‘I found my mid-point – thank you!’
Harshad Mistry, Journalist